Minimal contact.
Maximum sensation of touch.

When the best functionality is combined with sustainable workmanship, the result is not just a perfect solution, but a revolution. It's high time to enjoy that good feeling of experiencing new things. It's high time to feel it on your own hands.

They feel right –
and are right for the environment too.

The new ROTIPROTECT®  nitrile green. When ROTH refers to green, we mean much more than just a colour. By consuming 12% less water and reducing the CO2 emissions by 17%, we have managed to create a glove that helps ensure that our limited resources are used sustainably. Entirely without chlorine, vulcanisation accelerators or natural latex proteins. With the good conscience that comes with a carefully considered environmental footprint, you are making the world a little bit better with us. Glove for glove. Packaging for packaging.

For a better feeling.
All day long.

You can comfortably move your hands to extend all ten of your fingers. This is because our ROTIPROTECT®  nitrile green doesn't fit like a standard glove, it is extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods and is easy to put on and remove thanks to its special inner coating. This is complemented by the special latex feeling and a perfect hold thanks to the textured fingertips. A secure hold on everything, whether in wet or dry applications. Or in other words, you can expect optimised sensations of touch and grip, safe instrument guidance, stability and strength all day long. That's exactly what we mean by a good feeling.

They feel smooth –
especially for sensitive skin.

For our ROTIPROTECT®  nitrile green, we made the conscious decision to avoid using allergens such as chlorine, natural latex proteins and especially vulcanisation accelerators. This is good for the environment and even better for your skin. This is because that the risk of delayed type IV hypersensitivity is reduced, which is primarily caused by the residue left behind by vulcanisation accelerators such as thiurams, carbamates and thiazoles. Our new glove has been developed to give you the good feeling of wearing the right glove. And because we know that you want to feel really good in your own skin.